Ornit, Habla, Azzun - introductory tour

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Susan G., a new member, Karin (reporting and photography); Translator: Judith Green

 After an introductory tour and explanation about the settlements and the obstacles of the separation and the agricultural gatesinfo-icon in the area of Elkana and Oranit, we travelled northward on highway #444.  At the junction with highway #55, one can see the large scale work for paving the continuation of #444, right next to the separation wall which surrounds Qalqilya. 

We paid a short visit with Z., who is waiting for an operation which will take place next week.

We arrived at the Habla checkpoint at 13:30; 3 private cars, a truck for bicycles and a few pedestrians were already waiting for the opening of the checkpoint.  It seems they are repairing the broken gate.  At  13:45, the soldiers arrived and opened the checkpoint.  After all the cars went through in the direction of Habla, many trucks arrived, one after the other, full of trees of every sort and many other vehicles.  The crossing was quite swift, only  once a driver was asked to get out of his vehicle and present his documents.  At 14:00 there were no more vehicles in the area, the soldiers closed the gates and went on to the checkpoint south of Qalqiliya.  A man passed by us and continued to walk toward the broken gate, so it seemed.  It is hard to believe that, not long ago, the army prevented these very residents of Qalqilya whose lands and  nurseries lay along the seam line, from going with their plants through this checkpoint.  They were forced to go through the Eliyahu checkpoint and their produce was subject to very close inspections, with the aid of dogs.

ב-14:00 כבר לא נראו רכבים בסביבה, החיילים סגרו את השערים והמשיכו למחסום קלקיליה דרום. גבר עבר לידנו והמשיך ללכת לעבר השער הפרוץ, כנראה. קשה להאמין שלא מזמן הצבא מנע מאותם תושבי קלקיליה שאדמותיהם והמשתלות שלהם במרחב התפר, לעבור עם צמחים במחסום הזה. הם נאלצו לעבור במחסום אליהו והסחורות שלהם עברו בדיקות מדוקדקות בעזרת כלבים.