Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Hannah H. and Leah R. (Reporting) Marcia L., Translation

16:25 – Tura-Shaked Checkpoint
At the entrance to the checkpoint area, plastic bottles that sparkle in the sunlight, are strewn all over the site.  However, the container for garbage itself is empty, obviously because of the holiday.  It is desolate here; a woman with two small sons passes through without glancing.  Three young workers who are in a good mood, return from “ A young man in a car, a student. “A student of what?” I ask him.”Communication.”  “Do you want to be a journalist?” “Yes, “he says with a big smile. A car that wanted to pass through to the Seamline Zone returns; it is not allowed to pass. A man who is not young, leaning on a walking cane, who has known us for years, lives beyond the fence, and needs to pass through the checkpoint in order to visit his family.  Before the fence went up it was simple and easy to visit.  Today it is a full journey, he tells us without anger but with sorrow.


16:50 – Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint
Many workers return home and greet us. We say hello to a young man who calls to mind our friend who has not been active for a long time. Many students return.  One of them stops next to us—a lovely young woman and very pretty.  She is an Israeli Arab citizen and she also has an apartment in Jenin.  She is studying English literature and teaching.

17:20 – Everyone passes through with no delays.  The checkpoint is blooming:  roses in all colors.  We are “impressed” with the development of the surroundings and with the investment in beauty.  We leave.