South Hebron Hills, Susiya

Raya Y. Translator: Natanya

This morning we met Nasser from Susiya on Route 317. Nasser reports that Mekorot is building a new water pipe which passes next to their homes in Palestine Susiya. The water is intended for the military base and for the archaeological site. Residents of Palestinian Susiya intend to apply to have the water pipe passing through them connected to them as well. Unfortunately, they say, they are pessimistic and there is no possibility of this being done.  There is a promise to have an answer within two weeks.  We will follow this up.

On Route 317 after Susiya heading north, between Kawawis and A-Tuwani a bulldozer is busy blocking the way with stones so that it is not possible to connect to the road.

Across the entrance to A-Tuwani trucks fill water from a pipeline of Mekorot and a military jeep is on watch.

Aziz from Umm  al-Kheir reports that two days ago the army arrived and set up a barrier behind the Israeli settlement of Carmel. The soldiers were examining all present.  The residents had to wait for their turn.

Too many barriers being built.