South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

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Raya Y.

We crossed the Tarkumiya checkpoint and the few people across the checkpoint were without masks and further down Route 35 we did not see anyone with a mask.

They explain to us that there is no Corona  here, they  do not believe in corona. Here the theory of Professor Lass is applied and in addition the masks were removed along the way. Alcohol and other cleaning products also came off the shelves because it is a bore..

Muhammad from the grocery store tells us:

The majority of the population was infected with corona, at least 50 percent. Everything is open as usual.


Coffee shops.

Street shops

The herd immunity works in the territories. Not many more people die than usual.

The transit belongs to a pleasant Palestinian from Bani Naim  who drives workers on Route 35 and believes with what is written on the vehicle - Life in lucky).

Then he adds:

There is no Corona

Biden was elected President of the United States

Inshallah things will improve