The entrance to ‘Azzun is closed

Rachel Afek Translator: Charles K.

10:30  The entrance to ‘Azzun is closed, the yellow gate locked.  Soldiers guarding it with a spiked barrier laid across the road, preventing cars from passing.  Two jeeps.  All arriving cars make U-turns and try to enter somewhere else.

S. reports on the past week:  since Wednesday the entrance has been closed from around 5 or 6 in the afternoon.  Since Friday it’s been shut completely.  All the time.

How do you know?  I have a Facebook page publishing local news.  A group of residents participate.  It describes all that’s happening.  Soldiers enter the village on jeeps.  Last night they threw tear gas grenades for no reason.  You can hear and smell them everywhere.  Especially in the northern neighborhood.  The soldiers stand at the entrance inciting the children to throw stones.  The stones don’t reach the soldiers.  Last night, at 02:00, ten jeeps drove around the village, soldiers entered homes, upended their contents, detained people and left.  Photos show what happened.

When I left after two or three hours the gate was open and there were no soldiers.  Apparently, they went home to seek forgiveness.