An Israeli soldier curses in Arabic

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Rachel Weizman and Ruti Tuval, translation: Danah Ezekiel Clark

6:40 Barta’a-Reihan checkpoint


We passed the checkpoint. The side of the seam area is crowded with vehicles and workers waiting for transportation. The long and winding sleeveinfo-icon coming out of the terminal to the parking lot - is also crowded with workers, some of them with cups of coffee in their hands. All the parking lots are full, cars are also parked on the side of the road near the remote parking lots, far from the traffic police who sometimes fines here for illegal parking.

.On the way to the next checkpoint, we stopped in Amriha at the grocery store of our noble-hearted friend P.  We left a package of clothes and shoes with her and bought something to snack on.


7:00 Ya’bed-Dotan checkpoint

The traffic flows under the watchful eyes of the soldiers on the roof of the pillbox. Drivers wave hello.

7:30 we returned to the Barta’a checkpoint. Most of the workers have already been picked up. Yellow and white Transits still fill the shuttle plaza

7:40 Tura-Shaked checkpoint

As soon as the soldier standing in the observation tower noticed us, he started shouting and threatened to call the police if we didn't scram, and at the same time cursed our mothers’ genitals. The curse was broadcast to the world in Arabic so that a golden opportunity was created to strengthen the relationship of trust between us and the Palestinians at the checkpoint. The commander in the field calmed down the cursing soldier and apologized to us for his behavior. Other than that, no unusual events were observed at this sleepy and terribly dirty checkpoint.