Habla checkpoing - how was it ? All right

​Ruthie Katz, Hanna Aviram; Translator: Hanna K.
At the end of our shift, one of our acquaintances asks us: “how was it? Alright?”

So there, on the road leading from the checkpoint to the plant nurseries there stands “as usual” a military vehicle, out of which one of the soldiers, who were sitting there, comes out when the people begin emerging out of the CP.

People “naturally” stand and wait by the closed CP even before – 07:00.

The CP operators arrive at 07:10 only.

At 07:16 they begin allowing the first people intended to be checked, to enter, and they come out two minutes later. At the same time the teachers’ vehicle arrives, and leaves the CP five minutes later.

A father of nine from Ras Attia wishes to make a living but is forbidden to pass, because in the past he was caught without a permit. We give him the details of the crew that takes care of such cases.

08:13 – the last people pass and the CP is closed.

So, “how was it? Alright?”