All checkpoints have been opened but those of Anin and Taibe Romana are closed

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Phone report in Corona time Received by Neta Golan

After finding out that several agricultural checkpoints were opened for crossing as before the Corona time, I wished to find out what was going on in “our” area, in the north-western part of the West Bank. The DCO, as expected, do not answer.

Our acquaintance M. of Anin village in the Jenin district, was happy to hear my voice, and inquired about the health of my family, my friends and my own. He and his family are alright. The Ramadan fast is about to end in 8 days. The agricultural checkpoint that enables the villagers to enter their lands that have been closed beyond the Separation Fence has not yet been opened. No one tells them when this will happen.

At the inquiry center of the Civil Administration *4943, a polite woman answers the phone and does not know a thing. She suggests that the villagers call the Palestinian DCO in Jenin, but their response is doubtful. No one knows when the Corona closureinfo-icon will be over, she says, nor when all the checkpoints will be opened again.

I called the Center for the Defense of the Individual, 02-6283555. Nihaya, who knows about checkpoints, was absent. She will be there on Sunday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. I’ll try.

I call M. to update him on my failure. He does not answer and gets back to me after 8 p.m., apologizing that he took a Ramadan nap in the afternoon… I promised to continue looking into the matter and get back to him on Sunday. Happy Ramadan!