Jayyus - Distress due to lack of livelihood

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Daniela G’ transfers a telephone report. Translator: Charles K.

N. is in a difficult situation because he can’t make a living.

Regarding the checkpoints – unexpected problems sometimes arise, but there’s been an improvement as far returning to his village is concerned.

Yesterday evening he had a problem with an Israeli checkpoint when leaving Qalqilya.  He said he waited online for an hour and five minutes, and when his turn arrived he went through without being inspected.  It was a flying checkpoint whose purpose was unclear.

On the other hand, now it’s no longer necessary to enter his village through ‘Azzun when he arrives from the west.  The Palestinian Authority financed a new road from Nabi Ilyas directly to the village entrance, next to the southern agricultural gate.  The trip takes about five minutes.  The principal benefit is, of course, that he no longer must go through the entrance to ‘Azzun, which is often problematic.

Everyone is healthy, his family and the whole village.

Ramadan Kareem.