You’re killing us with your holidays. 25 days of closure in one month!

Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Tal H.
סגר בקלנדיה - המחסום ריק מאדם

You’re killing us with your holidays. 25 days of closureinfo-icon in one month! a Palestinian complained.

I didn’t count, but he, whose livelihood depends on the movement of people from this place and closures cause his income to deplete and food for his children to go scarce – does count, and how…

“You have too many holidays”, another complained, standing and calling out to the few passersby: Taxi! Sayara! and muttered to accusingly: “I haven’t made a single shekel since this morning.”

שריפת אשפה

Holiday or not, closureinfo-icon or not, the trash does not collect itself and does not get rid of itself – it piles up on the sides of the roads and at the foot of the Separation Wall to the point that this mound stinks so that even the veterans of this place cannot stand it. And then someone took the initiative and burnt the piles of trash.