'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Shosh Fried, Hanna Heller. Chana Stein translating.

06:15. A’anin checkpoint

The soldiers arrive and start operating the checkpoint at 16:15. Altogether, 17 pedestrians and 4 tractors pass. People complain that, for many, permits are not being renewed. One person is sent back, apparently because last time he did not return via this checkpoint. At 06:37 the checkpoint closed.

06:45. Tura checkpoint

The checkpoint is not yet open and many cars are waiting on both sides. At 06.50 (20 minutes late!!) cars start moving in both directions and the first workers start to come out toward the seamline zone. Passage is very slow, and we are told that is a new woman soldier is at the computer, working very slowly. Two women and a student pass quickly to the West Bank.

By 07:15, only 25 people and 8 cars have passed to the seamline zone. The people are angry and they say 30 people are still waiting and “it will surely take 3 hours until everyone has got through.” And as on previous occasions, they tell us that permits are not being renewed, and also ask that the checkpoint be opened at 6 am – unfortunately we can only report this, time and again.

07:30. Barta’a – Reihan checkpoint

At this hour the checkpoint is already empty and taxi drivers wait for passengers to come out. In the terminal, 3 stations are active and some score of individual workers come out. Few people pass to the West Bank.