Report in Corona times, northern checkpoints are open, and unguarded

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Shuli Bar reporting from West Bank, translation Tal H.

Old acquaintances, Palestinian farmers all, from villages near the checkpoints of Anin and Tayibe-Roumana are calling me to ask (me…) if they are allowed to cross over and plow their olive groves. Apparently, the agricultural checkpoints near them have stood with their gatesinfo-icon wide open for some days now, and confusion reigns. No one has informed them that they are allowed to cross over and work inside their olive groves (hundreds of dunams caged inside the seam-line zone). This is the time to finish weeding the olive groves before the grounds dries up and hardens. My acquaintances say that no one has informed them whether the gates have been opened for their sake. Neither the Palestinian DCO nor the heads of councils. Later it appears that opening passages in the Separation Fence as well as the agricultural checkpoints is a planned measure by Israel, apparently in order to enable thousands of Palestinian workers to return to their homes in the West Bank and avoid confronting the Palestinian police. The latter has been closing all entrances to villages in the West Bank, looking for them. Whoever is returning from Israel is considered contagious since he may have caught the virus, and is therefore sent to quarantine far from home.

I inquired two days later: the farmers I spoke with have given up their important work in the olive groves, for fear of the Palestinian police.

By the way, what about the security of our country? Open checkpoints, open fences, do you know about it in Tel Aviv?