Etzion DCO: Laughing at troubles is human

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Shlomit Steinitz, Natanya Ginsburg

The  DCO was pretty empty today but there was one very funny incident. Actually thinking of the circumstances which lead to this necessity, the occupation,  it is not funny but sad. But when I think of how we, the Jews, even in the worst of circumstances managed to laugh and to make jokes over the centuries when we were persecuted, I see the parallel. And the Palestinians themselves laughed and also the man.

Actually,  even without numbers being given out and taking into consideration the fact that there are much fewer people coming to Etzion nowadays, people pass through with relative speed. But one young man did not have the patience and managed to get between the two spaces in the turnstile and to pass through. But an older man, seeing this, tried to do the same and, being slightly boarder got stuck. For a moment I had a horrible feeling that he would stay there gradually feeling the air gradually escaping from him. But he managed  aged sheepishly to extract himself and come back. Catching my eye, he also started laughing.

There were three men who had been called in by the Shabak, all by phone calls and not at some unearthly hours of the night by a bang on the door, and all three when we gave them the tag for Sylvia’s details said that they knew her and her team and how many people she had helped. One of them described how in no uncertain terms he had been told that there was nothing against him but that, unless he “cooperated” with the authorities, things would not go well for him.     

A woman from Gaza came with her two sons and she had been here for two months with her family and was going back. We were just leaving but I gave her the number of Leap in case of a problem.