Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Rucheleh Hayut, Noa Ravid (reporting). Translator:  Charles K.

"A field of thistles, dry leaves, and shadows

Squills blooming, countless birds…"

(from Squills blooming, Tislam.  Lyrics: Yair Nitzani; melody: Yizhar Ashdot)


Tura-Shaked checkpoint  06:25-07:05

We’re the first to arrive at the checkpoint this morning: no Palestinians are waiting yet and the soldiers show up at 06:40 (the checkpoint is scheduled to open at 06:30).  While they are getting organized people arrive seeking to cross.  The first person exits the checkpoint’s fenced corridor at 06:50.  Very few people cross in either direction this morning, nor are there many vehicles.  Everyone crosses with no delay.


Barta’a – Reihan  07:15-07:50

Here too traffic is relatively light this morning.  There’s still room in the upper parking lots, workers are waiting for transportation, and people come through the fenced corridor individually, not in clusters.  One man tells us there are many people “within.”  Four booths are open in the terminal, lines in front of them.  Unusually, some of those exiting are putting shoes back on or tying them (usually it’s only belts).  Apparently, there are additional inspections this morning so the crossing is slower; we weren’t able to find out anything.  Nor were we able to check how long it took to go through (we couldn’t see the entrance).

After 07:30 people exited at a faster rate.

We gave Sylvia’s information to a man seeking help.

And in the midst of this disheartening routine, suddenly, on our way home – sea squills are blooming!

Nature doesn’t disappoint.