'Atil, Baqa, Deir al-Ghusun

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Ronny P., Shoshi A. (reporting and photos), Judith Green (translating)

11:15  We left Rosh Ha-Ayin with a driver from the Vanezia company and traveled north.  Entered the West Bank at the Jubara checkpoint without any special inspection and turned north.

Atil - checkpoint, agricultural gate 609

Opening hours:  12:45 - 13:15

The gate opened on time.  A line of 8 tractors went out quickly, along with about 70 people, all of them smiling and waving hello.  In the morning, about 100 people go through.  On the way back, no checks and the exit was really fast.

A sign that he has no information - Atil



Returning in the afternoon after a day's work




Deir al-Ghusun - checkpoint, agricultural gate 623

Opening hours:  13:30-14:00

The gate opened on time.  3 tractors went out and one went in.  We met G. from Deir al-Ghusun, and he told us:  He had invested in building and new sheepfold, for sheep and goats, about 600,000 NIS and, a month and a half ago, the army bulldozers came and destroyed everything.  G. submitted a request, applied for a permit which he naturally did not receive.  Why should they give him one?  Why should he be allowed to make a living?  The fence divides his land in half. On each side there are 20 dunams.  He grows cucumbers, squash and eggplants and also owns a shop for agricultural equipment and hardward.

Altogether, it is pretty quiet in the area.  (why not?  no settlements!), but every time the DCO chief is changed, the orders change.  The new laws constantly applied to them make them insecure, confuse them.  Why are they necessary?  G. does not understand why every year he must go to the DCO in Qalqilya in order to produce for the Israelis a copy of the tabu document concerning his land.  Why this harassment?  Why can't he live in peace?  It is difficult to stop these stories he tells, and we promise to come again and meet with him.


Baqa a-Sharkia checkpoint, gate 526

Open all day.



Wall separating Baqa al Sharqiya in the Westbank and Baqa al-Gharbia in Israeli territory



Baqa a - Sharqiya , on the way to the inspection position



Lunch at Atil.  Entrance back into Israel at the Jubara checkpoint, return to Rosh Ha-Ayin at17:00.