Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Noa L., Rochele H. (reporting and photographing), Translation Chana S.

06.50 – 07.20  Tura-Shaked checkpoint
On the West Bank side there are already a number of cars and pedestrians waiting in front of the closed checkpoint. The first soldiers arrived at 6.55, and until others arrived and all got organized,it was about 7.10 when the checkpoint was opened for passage. The first to pass came out at 7.15.

There were few passing through. The morning was cold and windy.  After the late opening, passage proceeded without delays.

The garbage bin has been emptied (but the garbage around it has not been collected), the almond trees are in blossom and there is a slight feeling of spring.

[Photo:  Two soldiers arriving to open the checkpoint. Three additional soldiers arrive late, leisurely pace.]

07.30 – 08.00  Barta’a-Rehan checkpoint.

Already in the parking lot one can see a lot of motion:  many cars, people waiting for transport, and groups coming out of the sleeveinfo-icon.

In the terminal 4 windows are open, and there do not seem to be delays.  We measured 5-7 minutes for passage, for two people.

We were happy to meet a man for whom we had made enquiries on his behalf. We were able, therefore, to give him the results in person, instead of a broken chain of messages.

Another man asked for help and we directed him to Sylvia.