Religious Jewish soldiers at Yaabad-Dotan Crossing harass the passers-by

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Marina Banai  and Ruti Tuval. Translation T.H
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Our shift began at 15:20, when we crossed the crowded Barta'a Checkpoint, continued through Amriha Junction (undergoing renovations(), to Yaabad Checkpoint (unmanned) and back to Barta'a Checkpoint. We left at about 17:10 through Toura Checkpoint.

Here's a story we heard now for the second week in a row: According to one of the workers, at Yaabad-Dotan Checkpoint, in the morning hours, soldiers with side curls (the mark of the ultra-religious Jews, described by the Palestinians with hand gestures) harass the workers on their way to work. We asked what he meant by "harass" and he explained that they are delayed and inspected although they are on their way to Barta'a Checkpoint  where they undergo a thorough inspection anyway. We think this  should be looked into.