Etzion DCO: there is a stack of people in front the door.

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Ora A. (reporting), Shlomit S. Natanya G. (translating)
במתק ממתינים בפס הצל הזמין
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Even today, the "closed door" method was used. People who arrived in the morning discovered that the waiting room door was closed and that they had to wait for hours outside, in an area with no shade. Occasionally the door opened, a number of people were called in and it closed again. People were constantly queuing and a large crowd crowded at the door. It is possible that most of them have not yet heard that the Hebron DCO, which had been closed, had been resurrected and was open.   Maybe the door at the DCO had been closed so as to remind them to go back to Hebron

When we arrived five people who were prevented from entering Israel because of the Secret Service and one who was under administrative detention approached us.  We heard again about the practice of removing the prevention order of  the Shin Bet and then after a month or two when the Palestinians  had again become accustomed to the sweet taste of making a living,  again found that they were prevented from entering.  Then they were invited it to a GSS meeting and were given the offer of : "Help us and we will  help you.”.

People complained that their drill  had been confiscated as they dug a cistern on  their land, which is registered  as belonging to them . They were told this has been confiscated because they were not allowed to dig a cistern. They tried to call the responsible authorities , but did not succeed in speaking to them. They were sent from one person to another and no one helped. We gave them the phone numbers of the Civil Administration and Attorney General's supervisor

When we left, there was no longer a large amount of people crowding  the door.