Habla Checkpoint (1393)

alia S., Joshua – guest, Shoshi A (reporting) Hanna Kahana (translating)

We arrived early at Habla and went to the plant nursery to have a talk with A.

He was in a good mood. The day before there were three carvings and the lambs stand on their feet and suckle enthusiastically. A few days ago soldiers appeared at the plant nursery and accused A. for providing refuge for an illegal alien. They demanded that he participate in a search and he refused. “I don’t have a bulletproof vest as you do” he said to the soldier who had asked him. The smugglers are known to the army as are the loopholes in the fence. When illegal aliens pass a military jeep appears immediately as if there was a kind of coordination. Does one hand wash the other?

A few days ago they arrested 6 women with babies and took them to detention. They probably are gypsies from Kalkilya who enter Israel to beg.

The opening hour of CP 1392 Habla are:

Morning   06:30-07:45

Noon       13:15-14:15

Evening   16:10-16:50

13:15 The Habla CP was opened on time.

Habla CP is open
Galia S
Habla CP
Galia S

Passed through on their way out: 3 trucks, a tractor, 2 private cars. 3 pedestrians, 2 tenders.

Entered: a tractor and a truck.

An attempt to talk with the soldiers results in an angry reaction of the military policewoman who forbids all intercourse with us.

I count 7 security people. 3 enter a military jeep and drive in the direction of road no. 55.

Those left behind sound bitter. They whisper among themselves in angry tones. They probably are fed-up standing at the CP and checking Palestinians going to work. I can understand them…

A young man arrives with an all-terrain vehicle, enters in the direction of Habla and comes out carrying a tray with a sweet made of semolina and honey, and offers some to us. His brother got married on the day before and he is going to offer some to his friends who work at the plant nursery.



A tray with sweets
Shoshi I

We take two girl hitchhikers and continue in the direction of Azun to Z.’s house to unloade parcels.

14:15 At the entrance to Azun there is no military vehicle.

And to conclude – something colourful – winter at the plant nursery, a profusion of colours

Winter at the nursery
Shoshi I