Hebron - with the grocery owner after the terroriist attack

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Muhammad and Michal (reporting); Translator: Natanya
חברון - עפ חוסני ומוחמד מהמכולת שנפתחה מחדש אתמול

We went to see the scene of the killing of the settler in the grocery store near the gate that separates Kiryat Arba from Hebron. This is a store that we always visit, and we also reported a few months ago that this checkpoint was suddenly opened and we took pictures. It turns out that yesterday it was opened for the first time since the event. Husni, the grocery store owner, says that he told the army that it was a mistake because there would now be problems from H1.

According to him, the shooter used to deliver drinks. The murdered Jew was an old friend of his, who often came and also brought his children puppies as a gift. He showed me pictures. Husni describes good neighborly relations and expressed great sorrow also for the damage caused by the shooter. According to him the shooter was a terminal cancer patient who decided it was better to die in such a way. Husni says: He wanted to die and that was his right, but why take the lives of others?

He says that the shooter arrived, and after unpacking his goods he shot everywhere, killing and injuring him and his neighbor, Azam from the blacksmith shop. Then he ran to his house to get more bullets, and returned to continue shooting. But in the meantime, the army force arrived and killed him.

Husni showed us the bullet holes in the windshield and in the store.

The area of ​​the Cave of the Patriarchs:

5 visitor buses in the parking lot, and the plaza is packed with visitors. The soldiers' positions are lined with sacks - an innovation compared to what was in the past. A lot of army vehicles on Shuhada Street.

I took pictures from the car because I didn't want them to see that I was taking pictures of the positions and the army, so the pictures are not clear. Apart from the tension in the air, the usual ghostly atmosphere on Shuhada Street.

Muhammad rang from the day shift today - Wednesday, and said that today they did not want to open the gate for them, and they could not enter the area of ​​the attack.