Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Daphna and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya

In the morning news, a stabbing incident was reported at the al-Fawwar junction, so it was decided to change direction.

At the Meitar crossing, it is no longer so crowded, but the parking  area is full, no more parking is allowed on the side of the road. At the checkpoint at the entrance, female soldiers from the Border Police were added. There is a police operation by the traffic police, trucks are stopped and weighed.

We drove on 317 to Hashem al-Darij, to the kindergarten of Huda. This year, because of the corona, there are only 26 children in 2 age-groups, with 2 kindergarteners and one more as help. The  structure of the garden itself is in excellent condition, new, well organized, with basic equipment of tables, chairs and shelves / cabinets, and there is also a yard with sand and good facilities. Very cute kids, smiling, playing nice and seeing that wprdl is being done with them.

But .... because there is no money, there is a lack of consumable equipment such as: Workbooks, art materials, paints, white glue, games, cleaning supplies, masks. Also missing are heaters and radio / tape for discs!

The kitchen in the garden has no cabinets, and there is no money even for a gas cylinder, to cook, bake, etc.

In the kindergarten in Umm al-Kheir there is no action , due to the lack of  a budget.  

We went back the same way, the traffic was sparse

The routine of the occupation.

הגן בהאשם אל דארג'