Leah S., Vivi C., and Hagit B. (reporting and photographing). Marcia L., Translation
אשה, לאה שקדיאל וגבר עיסה אמרו, ביניהם גדר
שתי נשים חברות מחסום ווטש ליד החצר של בית המשפט בעופר

There is judgment but no justice.

Today is Issa’s hearing, during which he is to find out what his punishment will be. He was accused of shoving and of uttering a violent expression (“Get out of here.”) toward a settler from Hebron.  Avram Burg, Yehudah Shaul, Hagit Ofran, and Hillel Cohen testified on his behalf. Only they were permitted to enter the deliberations. We were outside, with other peace activists.

A large group of about ten citizens and diplomats from other countries were also allowed to enter.

The punishment that the military prosecutor requested to impose was a fine and a suspended sentence. Isa refused the suspended sentence because according to him, even the smallest pretext will be used by the military police to throw him in jail. Therefore, they decided that the sentence would be postponed for a few days. 

Issa was very happy to see us. The help and support that he receives is very important to him.

Outside of that, we were busy being photographed and telling about MachsomWatch to two young women who want to make a movie about our organization.

As long as everything in the military court happens under the Occupation, there is no justice, only judgment.