The Palestinian DCO returned to coordinate and we were left without work.

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Shlomit Steinitz, Natanya Ginsburg

The parking lot was very empty and there were very few people who came to the DCO. N.

N.  said that there is now coordination with the PA and therefore most problems are being handled through those lines.  It may be that we have outlived our usefulness there.


Only two people approached us and we gave them Sylvia’s details. One person said that he had been told that he was a ‘police prevention’ but he only knew of one traffic fine which has not yet passed the 90 days limit. He had already approached a lawyer but we gave him Sylvia’s details. Another who had a fine dating back some years

was given the telephone of the police department which  deals in fines.


Also here in Nofim I met one of our Palestinian  cleaning ladies  who told me of her husband who cannot enter Israel so she also photographed the tag with Sylvia’s details and I told her to pass the details on to anyone who needs them. She had already approached a lawyer who had done nothing for her and as we always do, she was told to tell everyone to approach Sylvia with problems.