A man wishes us a happy holiday and hopes that peace will be made

Rachel Weitzman, Edna (guest), Neta Golan (report and photos) Tal Haran translating

15:15  Anin Checkpoint

In the vineyard next to the checkpoint two people are already picking olives. One woman and about a dozen men, one donkey and two tractors wait next to the open checkpoint gate on the seam-line zone side. Some of them have brought empty yellow jerrycans (see picture) for the olive oil that will be made from the coming olive harvest. We are told that the PA recommends beginning the olive harvest on October 15. The harvest according to the occupation authorities will begin  on October 23, when the Jewish holiday of Sukkot is over.

15:25 The Military Policemen arrive 10 minutes late and take their time. A woman soldier yells to the waiting people – "how many are you!" A male and female soldiers open the two locked gatesinfo-icon. Our acquaintance M. who has been forbidden to pass junk for his livelihood practices saying the difficult Hebrew word for junk gruta'ot. A woman soldier yells, "Come on!"

15:35 everyone has passed and another tractor arrives. A woman soldier yells "hurry up!". He hurries up and passes.

15:55 The Toura-Shaked checkpoint

A woman with a girl and two teenage girls wait for their transport to Umm Reihan. One car passes over to the West Bank.  A large pickup truck and a transit van cross over to the seam-line zone. Two young men and another two teenage girls cross.

16;15 Barta'a-Reihan Checkpoint, Palestinian side

Lots of people get back from work at this time. It is saddening and outrageous that they cannot cross here in the morning and have to go to checkpoint further away and more crowded. People go over to their own cars or transit drivers. We purchase coffee from two children selling it with their thermos bottles,  and disappoint the guy selling soft drinks. One person asks us if tomorrow is the holiday, wishes us a happy holiday and hopes peace will be made. So do we…