Hamra: Settlers attack Palestinian shepherds

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Roi Eshel, Tali Bar’am, Gali Hendin (report)

We arrived close to the shepherd’s home at 7 a.m., and left around 11 a.m.

It was a complex day that began and ended with the usual accompaniment and was halved by two sorts of attack:

One of the men working for the illegal outpost owner, Moshe Sharvit, came galloping on the back of a mare accompanied by a colt. He charged into the flock and tried to chase it away, while we tried to block him and the shepherd waved his cane in front of the mare. We rather succeeded, but the owner came immediately on his mini-tractor, known for his vulgar language, and continued trying to give the shepherd a hard time and chase away the flock.

Ben summoned a policeman and Tali made sure the policeman would stay and wait for the bad guys - who disregard the law and anyone beside themselves and those whom the State supports – to vacate the area.

“It was fun” of a different kind…