Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

 10:45 A taxi driver told us that his friend, also a taxi driver, was caught while driving one boy over the limit. He was fined and the car was confiscated for 30 days. Another penalty he had to pay was the towing of the car to Jericho. He was told that he’ll be able to pay the fine only after 30 days and only after paying the fine he would be able to redeem the car in exchange of a proper payment for its "hospitalization". 

A man who lives in a village near Efrat, said that some of Efrat’s houses are built on private lands belonging to the village’s people. They tried to handle the matter but failed. The defendants claimed, as in previous cases, that the lands were seized for "military needs". A DCL was built there but was closed. After it closed, instead of returning the land to its owners, they built there Efrat’s houses. We suggested he refer the people to “Yesh Din”."

A young man of 23, said he found out that he is GSS prevented, although he was never imprisoned, and previously he received permits to enter Israel in order to participate in activities of peace organizations. We helped him fill out application forms to remove the prevention. Before he went in to submit the application at DCL, he said he was desperate and that he can’t go on living here.

A man who had a work permit until 30 April, 2017, complained that suddenly he became GSS prevented until 26 April 2017. He has no idea why on earth. An older man, as well, who is police and GSS prevented, said he has no idea why he is prevented. We helped them fill out application forms to remove the prevention.