Etzion DCL: most of the people are waiting to renew the magnetic cards, The DCO is having a hard time keeping up

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Hannah Stein, Ronit Dahan-Ramati (Reporting) Naomi Gal translating


We arrived at about 11:15. The parking lot is full. We parked at a distance and walked towards the reception hall. This time the door was open and you could enter and wait in the hall, which was full to capacity. There were two soldiers inside. On the electronic board of the queue numbers, number 82 and number 65 appeared. In the 45 minutes we were there, the numbers went up to about 88. Number 65 remained stuck unchanged. But the soldiers called for different numbers to enter, each time 10 numbers. Before we left, they called 101 to 110. One of the soldiers announced to the people waiting that Qalandiya had no queue and whoever wanted should go there. These are people waiting for a magnetic card. The soldiers later went inside and repeated the message about Qalandiya on the loudspeaker. Also, people who came for other needs were let in - for transit permits, to talk with the police officer, for GSS. But the vast majority of people are waiting for a magnetic card to be issued.

A lot of people were waiting outside, too. One, holding a number higher than 200, said there was no point in going to Qalandia because they do not issue magnetic cards and the trip to Qalandia would take about an hour. This time we were told that inside there are three machines that issue magnetic cards.