Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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M. (photographing) and Ariella; Translator: Natanya

When we passed the Meitar checkpoint around 10:00, the parking lot was full. M., who had already been in the morning, saw a great many people passing through the gatesinfo-icon, probably because the PA allowed the Palestinians that day to move to work in Israel. The gates were opened for a day or two and the workers are supposed to stay in Israel for four weeks.

Those who wanted to leave through "Gate 11" (the pedestrian crossing) in the morning were greeted by four army jeeps that had disappeared as we passed the checkpoint.

We went to meet Tawfiq in Khursa. Route 60 has no roadblocks. At the entrance to Samo' from Route 60, we saw that cameras were being installed and that people in the spring were filling up with drinking water. El Fawwar Junction is open and so is Beit Hagai. Nor have we seen Palestinian Authority checkpoints that the Palestinians call "love checkpoints" - Hawajis al-Mahbada. After so many years of conquest one must develop a sense of humor to survive.

According to Tawfiq "Corona is something good." The soldiers do not leave their compound and there have been no checkpoints for more than a month. "The economic situation is more than terrible  There is great distress but it is not about hunger. The divan does not work but despite everything the corona is better than the army checkpoints."

At the northern entrance to Abda, under the pillbox, two large stones blocked a disabled person's path from his home to Route 60. With the help of neighbors, they managed to move the stones out of the way and allow access to Route 60.

On the way back, at the exit of the checkpoint, we saw many people returning because they probably did not find work in Israel.

The sewage is still flowing and spreading its smell.