Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Daphna and M. Translator: Natanya

Little traffic on road 60.  The Meitar checkpoint is packed as usual. We drove to Simiya, met Farhan, talked about the return of the children to the elementary school this week

This year children have hardly studied and there are those who want to leave children in the same class for another yearIn the meantime, the army has not returned  to demolish the school. A plan for the school building has been submitted. There are currently 7 classrooms + a teachers' roomSometimes at the entrance, also at Samo', there is an army prescence, but lately has not been particularly troublesome.

Farhan's son got married and had a party, within the limits of Corona, but is happy and they live in Ramallah. His son is a policeman and his wife is an engineer, but has no job and so has studied cosmetics. Farhan asked what about the sea days which had been in the past but assumes that everything has stopped stopped because of the corona. Farhan, a stone-layer in his profession, does not have a permit to work in Israel (active in Combatants for Peace)

We continued and found the Al Fawwar open.

We went back on Route 356, no special things to note.