Etzion DCL

Shlomit S. Ora A.

Translation: Naomi Gal

10:45 The parking lot was full. The entrance gate to the inner court was broken and therefore there were parked cars in this lot, too. About 50 people waited in the hall. One of those waiting said occasionally they were letting in ten people. While we were there only a few were let in. More people arrived, as well as women with children. It was clear that if they did not accelerate their pace, they would not get in today. A woman approached us and said she came to renew her magnetic card to be able to accompany her daughter, who has leukemia and is treated in Hadassah.  She asked us to help her precipitate her entrance. We spoke with the soldier and the woman-officer, both said that since she has an entry permit, she does not need a magnetic card and she can pass without it (that way she will also save hundred and thirty shekels fees for the magnetic card, almost the entire amount she earns in two days).

A young man approached us and said he had a valid permit, but at the checkpoint they refused to let him pass and told him he is prevented. He tried to find out at the police why he was prevented and found out that he is accused of forging the permit and that he was sentenced for this in 2016. He told us he never forged and was never sentenced, and the proof is that he received three permits during the last year and a half. Even his employer, who spoke to us by telephone, confirmed the guy is working for him for a year and a half and said he is very keen for him to continue working. We referred the guy to the “Applications Writer”, who is in touch with Silvia, hoping that together they will find a way to help. As usual, GSS prevented contacted us and we gave them the usual advice.