Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Jaba (Lil), Wed 18.2.09, Afternoon

Shulamit S., Yael S. (reporting)

Etzion DCL:
we had an interesting shift.
They opened a third post for those who needed to issue magnetic cards, so by 14:00, when we arrived, there was no line. A lawyer of a worker who claimed that his permit was taken from him by the soldier at Bieta on Saturday, arrived at the DCL for a new permit. Linda had already finished working for the day and the lawyer was sent back empty handed. Just to make it clear, it was Wednesday, and that worker hadn't been at work for four days.

The permit wasn't at Etzion DCL. I talked to the staff officer that checked with Linda, what was going on. He couldn't however talk to the lawyer as solicitors must talk with the advocacy of district. So how will they know when the permit arrived? The lawyer got Linda's number and he will have to call her (which is something he didn't do on that day). He will probably charge the hard working laborer for having to drive all the way to the DCL with a cab.


It seems that if indeed the permit was taken by a soldier at Beita that was an illegal action. But could someone check with an official source whether a soldier is allowed to confiscate a work permit, without a specific order? Who is allowed to confiscate those permits?

Jaba (Lil): just another checkpoint. Road 367 is an apartheid road apparently, since one of the residents of Jaba told us that "if I am going towards my lot (which is in a distance of 500 meter to the west, on the side of Zturif village) on my tractor, then the police will pop up, give me a fine of 2000 Shekels  and confiscate my tractor for 11 days". And heaven forbid that they bring merchandise from Tzurif to Java on the linking road 367, or perhaps take a cab and pay 70 shekels, so that a permitted vehicle might transfer their goods, or even take a risk of parking their car 50 meters from the checkpont and carry sac of sugar, flower or rice by foot. But for the mean while pedestrians may walk on the road and even cross it.