Beit Iba, Thu 19.2.09, Morning

Rachel, Shoshi,Tamar (reporting); Natanya translating.

7.40 Beit Iba.
Very unpleasant weather. Strong winds and cold. Pedestrians go through quickly on their way to Nablus. No queue. Also not that of cars. The commander comes to ask who we are. For a change he has nothing to say about our presence at the checkpoing.  The soldiers are dressed
with berets on their heads.

8.30 The road of Shave Shomron in the direction of Jenin. A soldier stops us at the checkpoint and says that the road is only open to Palestinians because of the confusion at Chomesh. He did not have details. He says that usually the checkpoint is open during the day and closes at night from 21.00 – 6.00 in the morning. He said something about the night activities of the soldiers in Nablus.