Reihan, Shaked, Wed 11.2.09, Morning

Hedva H., Nava R. (reporting)

09:45 - Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint
Four pickup trucks loaded with goods entered the inspection area and came out after twenty minutes.
Five cars awaited passage from the Seam line zone to the West Bank, after a few minutes they went through.

The few pedestrians on site went through with in 10-15 minutes.

- The pedestrians checkpoint closes. soon the line grows longer, about 20 people. we tried inquiring as to the reason for that. We went up to the vehicles checkpoint because the person in charge wouldn't answer our phone calls. They yelled from afar that they wouldn't talk to us, for  they are not allowed to speak to us.
The person in charge came up to us and we told him that we wanted to know what had happened. He said that he'd be glad to talk with us and that the checkpoint was closed due to a V.I.P's visit.

Of course not a word was said to the Palestinians waiting at the gate. After half an hour the gate was re-opened and all went in together.

Inside the sleeveinfo-icon at the upper entrance to the terminal there is a new sign stating that only those holding a magnetic card, residence of East Barta'a and who work at the Seam Line zone, can pass through this checkpoint. They no longer  let other residence of the Seam Line zone - Um-el-Rihan, Daher-el-Malek and Hirbet Ra'adiya to use  this checkpoint and they are left with the only choice of the Shaked-Tura checkpoint which closes early.

Four people who arrived at the gate and did not have the right  permits, were detained and were sited on the bench.

12:00 Shaked-Tura checkpoint
 People went through with no problems. Cars were inspected with in a few minutes.
The checkpoint commander approached us and wanted to know if we had encountered any problems.
12:30 - We left.