Beit Iba, Tue 3.2.09, Morning

Shoshi B., Karin L. (reporting) Translator: Charles K.

9:15  About 12 cars on
line leaving Nablus.  Cars entering go through one by one, with
no delay.

The pedestrian shed is empty. 
Each person arriving undergoes the usual inspection, ID, belt, etc.,
and passes through.  A group of men is gathered at the far end
of the shed; they’re waiting for women who are coming in, and leave
with them toward Nablus when they arrive.  People entering pass
through without delay and without being checked.  IDs of people
leaving through the humanitarian lane are occasionally checked.

9:30  A group of about
8 men arrives.  About 10 minutes elapse until the last one goes

A young man is taken to the
detention pen.

9:40  The pedestrian shed
has emptied; another man has been detained.  In response to our
question about why they’ve been detained, we’re told that they won’t
be held long.

9:45  One detainee is
released and returns toward Nablus; the second is taken to the upper
building.  The commander says, “To check him; he’ll be released
in a few minutes.”

9:55  A man driving a
car arrives.  Parks next to the upper building; he and two women
get out – pure blue-and-white, candy, cakes, a drink container for
the soldiers.  They’re welcomed happily.

10:10  5 men waiting on
line in the exit shed; two inspection lanes open. 

A dog handler inspects cars
that are entering.

About 6 cars waiting to exit. 
There’s an additional inspection lane, apparently for VIP’s, because
not everyone is using it.  A truck waits about 10 minutes to go

Today’s apparently an enrollment day, people are being taken to the upper
building (we counted three while we were here), then the commander and
sometimes an additional soldier go up there.  The commander whom
we asked why they’re being detained replied that it’s not related
to going through the checkpoint…

10:20  Ten vehicles on
line to leave, including taxis and trucks.  We timed a 16 minute

10:40  We left.