'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 15.1.09, Morning

Miriam B., Sima S. (reporting)

Translation: Devorah K.

06:05 - 06:55, A'anin CP
We arrived at dawn. A white jeep (DCO?) is parked near the soldiers. The gatesinfo-icon are open only slightly; about 30 people and five tractors are waiting beyond the outer gate. Two soldiers are inspecting those who are going through. One soldier is standing in the hut with his rifle drawn toward the people going through and an additional soldier is standing in the same way facing the people and the tractors. Many people complain that the agricultural permits are not being renewed. When a tractor goes through someone gets off it to open the gate wide. After that the gate is closed. The gates are very big and the opening is narrow.

07:05-07:55, Tura-Shaked CP
Here too there is a DCO jeep and a military jeep, too. People say that ever since the DCO jeep has been there the inspection procedures are slower. They are teaching the soldiers how to do the inspection and how to look at the permits. We called the DCO to tell them what is happening and then we called again. The soldier there told us that he had already asked them to speed up the inspection. People told us that the day before, the CP was opened very late. At the DCO they said that we should complain to the brigade. Those going through said that a representative from the DCO has been there for four days, and since then everything is delayed. We checked the time: Those going into the inspection pavilion emerged after twenty minutes.

08:05 - 09:50 Barta'a-Reihan CP
It is very cold. There are almost no people. They are arriving very slowly. In the parking lot there is only one pickup truck with goods. While we were at the CP, it did not enter for inspection.
The new person who is selling coffee arrived from Ya'abed and is waiting for customers. One of the drivers tells us that yesterday in the evening they detained him for two hours at the Dothan-Ameriha CP.
The dogs bark and the convoy continues on its way.