Reihan, Shaked, Wed 7.1.09, Morning

Nava R, Bracha B. (reporting)

Shaked-Tura, 08:35
A nice lieutenant reservist greeted us as we arrived at the checkpoint with a cheerful “Have you come to get some sun with us at the checkpoint?”  Three cars and a donkey-drawn wagon are waiting to pass through.  All pass through and leave within five minutes.  The crew of reservists from the armored corps is pleasant and it is evident that both they and the Palestinians are interested in retaining the calm that prevails here.  All the Palestinians that we spoke to said that everything was OK and that there were no problems or delays.  We left at 09:50 for Reihan.

Reihan-Barta’a 10.00
When we arrived we saw one car about to be checked, and it passed through several minutes later.  Here, too, people told us that there were no problems and that it had taken them less than 10 minutes to go through the terminal and come out.

We left at 11:00.