Bethlehem, Thu 1.1.09, Morning

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Rachel F., Nora B. (reporting). A German Lady visitor.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

 6:20 AM, Bethlehem Checkpoint - Rachel Crossing:  4 checking posts are open. Towards 7:00, an additional booth opens. There are rather long queues, and more people are waiting than usual during last weeks. We are told that the crossing takes about 1 hour.


A woman soldier is very rude towards a Palestinian who is denied entry into Israel:"Yaala, go home" – she yells to him.


Another man, about 50 years old, employed by the Harel Community, and with all the papers, suddenly is GSS "manua" and his entry to Israel is denied to his complete surprise, without having the possibility of asking anyone the reasons for this decision.


Towards 7:15, the terminal is empty.