'Anata, Qalandiya, Sun 28.12.08, Morning

Smira A, Magdelana H. (reporting)
Anata 6:50  It was very cold.  Several people were hurrying through the
checkpoint on their way to work.  There were no school children.  It's vacation
time.  A long line, long with cars.  There was quick check of documents and
sometimes checking of baggage.  Everything was quick and efficient.
There was no memory of the disturbances that were at the checkpoint
yesterday in the evening, just even more filth on the street, but there is
always filth.  The commander of the checkpoint, Gil T pleasantly told us, with a
cup of coffee in his hand, about what happened yesterday.  A lot of stones and
Molotov cocktails were thrown at the checkpoint.  He did not tell us how they
dispersed the youth.  Now it is quiet.  "In another hour or two they will get up
from sleeping.  Then it will be "happy" here".  There was a larger presence of
police in the area all around.
Qalandiya:  We were surprised that there were so few people wanting to
cross the checkpoint -- it was simply quiet and dead.  There was the shouoting
of a woman's voice over the loudspeaker that was full of threatening shouts.  We
asked to speak with Ivonne who was not at the checkpoint, and then the shouting