'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 7.12.08, Morning

Hanna H., Yocheved J.

Translation: Devorah K.

05:55 A'anin CP 
The gate is closed (the eve of the Holiday of the Sacrifice, or the end of the olive-picking); there are no residents and no soldiers. There is only a small campfire burning at the entrance to the CP.

06:10 Reihan CP 
There are a few people at the CP. A few women go through to the sewing workshop; they say that the CP was opened at 05:30. The workers complain that on their holidays the CP opens only at 07:00! They understand why it opens later on the Sabbath, but why open later on their holidays when they want to leave especially early to visit relatives or to pray with their families. There are still workers in the plant that operates as usual and they they want to get there in time. Why don't they open at six? The Jews work as usual. In the lower parking lot there are 11 pickup trucks loaded with goods.

7:00 Shaked CP
There are only a few people; the pupils have apparently not gone through to school because of the holiday. About ten people are waiting, as well as a donkey and a horse and a car. Within a few minutes the first people leave the inspection room.

07:45 - Reihan again
A bus arrives in the lower parking lot with a few passengers. There are still seven pickup trucks and three cars waiting to go through. On Friday, there were problems at the CP and those going out to work were delayed until 08:00. 'The machine' apparently was not working.