Jubara (Kafriat), Shave Shomron, Tue 2.12.08, Afternoon

Nurit Y.(guest), Riva BB., Nur B (reporter and photographer) Translator: Orna B.

Due to illness the shift reporting on the south of Nablus has been
cancelled. Therefore we covered that area as well.  And a good thing
too, because we have been able to report on the many structural
changes in the checkpoints in the whole region. In Beit Furiq they may
have gone too far. We may add that we saw no signs at all relating
to the very severe alerts that had caused the closureinfo-icon of roads in Tel
Aviv this morning.
13:35 Jubara
 Very little traffic One vehicle goes through upon the presentation of documents.
The Children's gate is open. At A-ras Checkpoint a lorry arrives
from the direction of Tulkarm, waits a moment by the checkpost and
continues on its way. Cabs heading towards Tulkarm, also wait a moment
at the checkpost and continue on their way.
14:05  Anabta
The passage at the checkpoint, in both directions - towards
Tulkarm and  away from it, is done according to a soldier's wave of a
A short distance after the turning towards the settlement Shavei
Shomron, the road is blocked with a large yellow iron gate. No going
through. Large concrete blocks are being downloaded from lorries. The
Israeli flag is flying already. The soldiers do not know what is being
constructed here. They say that the road will open in two hours. A.from
the Centre, confirms our suspicions: this is a new checkpoint. "How can
you get to Deir Sharif?" One of the soldiers points to a dust road,
overcrowded. We turn to this dust road which starts in a quarry
and ends where it joins the main road, just before the turning to the
Shavei Shomron checkpoint. A dust road, unmarked, with a traffic jam of
private cars, cabs and ambulances. See the attached photograph.
14:25 Shavei Shomron
In both directions vehicles are let through with the wave of the hand.