Qalandiya, Mon 1.12.08, Morning

Ronnie P., Rutti R., 2 visitors (reporter from Poland, Canadian woman), Judy O.,

7:30 Short queues which moved very quickly. The
humanitarian gate was opened each time a group of people gathered there.
Announcements over the microphone were given in Arabic and in normal tones -
there was no shouting as there had been with the girl soldier who has been

On the way back we stopped at the protest tent in
Sheikh Jarrah  in support of the Al Kurd family who have been evicted from
their home. The woman was not there but  a resident of the area  - a
kind of spokesman - gave us a detailed history of the Sheikh Jarrah area and its
Arab inhabitants, starting from 1948.
We left about 9:30 disillusioned yet again in the
face of the endless injustices done and not