'Anata, Qalandiya, Mon 13.10.08, Morning

Roni P., Ruthie R.
Translation: Devorah K.

06:30 - Kalandiya CP
Hundreds of men are standing in four lanes leading to the terminal sleeves. Today closureinfo-icon is imposed and only those who work in Atarot are getting permits to go to work. Still there are hundreds. Most of them apparently have entered. Four sleeves are open and in operation.

Over a hundred women, men, pupils, older men, and a fairly large number of young men are standing in the 'humanitarian' queue as well. In the waiting hall parents are sitting with a babyinfo-icon less than a year old. They have to get to a hospital. They have an appointment. If not for the fact that A., the CP commander, was willing [when we appealed to him] to let them and two more families in the same plight through, it would have been impossible to help them. And what happens when we are not there? Or when there are even more urgent cases? It seems that we have to appeal to the army to solve this problem and not to use us as a 'fig leaf'.

The queues in the kanes leading to the terminal are still very long. I observed one of the men and it took him at least 45 minutes from the time he got to the queue until he entered the inspection room.

08:30 - Anatha CP
- The schools pick-up area is desertedas is the CP, and there is no queue of cars.