'Anin, Reihan, Thu 11.9.08, Morning

Leah R., Anna N.S.
translated by L.W

06:10 Aanin Checkpoint

Checkpoint is open and people are passing, as are tractors. About 50 men and women, maybe more, are waiting on the other side. The soldiers are working efficiently, checking, listing, marking, and sending on. The residents say that because of Ramadan some people are not going to work.

06:45 Reihan-Bartaa Checkpoint
At this hour no one is waiting in the lower lot, apart from two vansloaded with foodstuffs and one young driver who has slept in his vehicle. An endless flow of youngsters, mainly going to work in the Seam Zone. A group of workers is returning home to the West Bank from night shift – very tired.
I. relates that in the early hours at least 150 men and women have crossed. Despite the fast, they have to work. He says that children do not have to fast, but most do for at least part of the day. School hours are shortened during Ramadan.
At Amriha Checkpoint, on the roads to Jenin and Tulkarm, no problems were observed.
Time it takes to pass the terminal, from entry up to the exit sleeveinfo-icon: about 20 minutes. Few private cars pass the vehicle checkpoint. One shift of vans changes, and one of the merchants says that there is less demand for food from Bartaa. This is the second time we hear it.

08:30 – we left with a father travelling to feed his sick son at Rambam Hospital.

On the way, we collect two teachers (a man and a woman) on their way to school in Um el Reihan. They say that each day they try to hitch rides since no taxis go in their direction.