Reihan, Shaked, Sun 5.10.08, Morning

Sima S. and Hanna H.

Translation: Devorah K.
06:15 - 08:15
06:15 Reihan CP
The CP opened at five and most of the workers - men and women - have already gone through. It seems that the time spent in the terminal is shorter. A pedestrian who arrived at 06:10 has already left and the car in which he arrived was inspected at the vehicle CP and left at 06:30. The tempo is slow but stable. Apparently the fact that workers going to Israel no longer go through here has improved the passage for those that are allowed to go through here.
Agricultural workers in Kibbutz Metzer were delayed at the CP until 06:45 until it was clear that they are permitted to go through at the Reihan CP. Ten pickup trucks with goods are waiting for inspection in order to go through. There are a few cars in the Palestinian parking lot. A resident of Kafin complains that they have not yet been given the permits they need for the olive picking season which will soon be here.
07:00 Four pickup trucks enter the compound for inspection.
07:10 Shaked CP
On our way we saw workers that have already gone through the CP from the West Bank to the seamline zone. When we arrived at the CP we saw about twenty people crowded near the turnstile. Students and pupils go through to the West Bank after their bags are inspected. The inspection of the vehicles going through the CP is quick -- 1 to 2 minutes.
Pupils go through one by one and their bags are examined. The soldiers transfer the cars only in one direction -- from the West Bank to the seamline zone. Our telephone call to the DCO did speed up the passage of the cars with pupils, which were on their way at 07:40, but the soldiers reported that the reason for the delay was that "two women from Machsom Watch are interfering with the passage."
Now again they are letting cars through to the seamline zone and delay the entrance of a teacher's car until 07:50.
It is totally clear that the CP procedures depend on the soldiers' moods and there are no precise and uniform operating instructions.
At 07:45 there are still nine workers waiting to go through to the seamline zone.