Beit Iba, Jit, Tue 30.9.08, Afternoon

Dafna B. Nur B. (reporting); Uri A. (guest); Natanya translating.

14.40 Jit is open.
14.50 Beit Iba.   There is no representative of the DCO. Few pedestrians. One line for men and the other for women and the elderly. Because of the holiday only those leaving Nablus are checked. IDs are checked. People are checked by the metal detecting device, bags are given for inspection, the men stop next to us to put on their belts and watches. Israeli Palestinians are allowed to enter to visit relatives during the holiday.

Few cars and one lane to enter the city, two to exit. Permits are checked and IDs. In cars Palestinian Israelis are allowed to enter Nablus without a permit, residents of the West Bank are sent back.