Beit Iba, Mon 30.6.08, Morning

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Rony S. Frances T reporting.

30/6/08 Beit Iba

On arrival at the checkpoint we note that there is no traffic in either direction.
There seem to be more soldiers and MP's than Palestinians of which there are very few exiting Nablus and more in the opposite direction.
There are no checks of women who are free to go straight through (towards Nablus).

A driver of a car argues with soldiers regarding entering with a car.  He presents papers but seemingly to no avail.  The DCL sits in one of the "kiosks" completely apathetic speaking on his cellphone.  Eventually the driver is allowed through but the DCL does not even attempt to intervene or assist.

Apart from this incident the checkpoint is quiet.  There are no detaineesinfo-icon.  We leave at 08.40