Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Thu 18.9.08, Morning

Yehudit S., Michaela R. (reporting)





Zeitim passage 06:20 Western side

Active traffic. There are three windows open. The tempo is about 8 people a minute.

08:10 Eastern side

The traffic is flowing, it is mainly children crossing from both sides.
 man who had arrived too early to the DCO wanted to exit the area, but there was no soldier inside the shed and he is trapped inside. ONly after we rang the bell for a long time the soldier arived. The same person, an inhabitant of Abu Dis who had arrived yesterday in order to get a magnetic card at the DCO. They told him to come today. Two years ago he was caught in Jerusalem without papers (illegally), and since then he was told that he is prevented from getting permission to enter. At 08:30 he entered again and emerged twenty minutes later. He was told that the DCO is closed today. He should be back on Monday or Wednesday. The question is - what willl they tell him when he returns?

07:10 Wadi Naar

As we left Ezariye we noticed very few  vehicles there, not characteristic to this hour. From afar the checkpoint seemed to be empty, but as we approached we noticed the beginning of a very heavy traffic, and noticed a very long line from Beit Lehem  (tens of cars). The cars go through without an inspection, except a lorry loaded with eggs that was inspected quickly, along with the documents of its passengers, and the same with a bus of UN workers.

After the long line shrank, they started to check more luggage compartements and IDs. Almost all the vans were checked, on both directions.

We think that this was the case because before we came the checkpoint was "relaxing".
In most cases the checking of the IDs was very quick. Average time was 3-4 minutes. Sometimes the "checkup" was so quick, that we suspected that the documents were not really checked.