'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Qalqiliya, Tue 16.9.08, Morning

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Rutti C., Shlomit S., Michal Sh. Translator: Orna B.
Qalqiliyia and Tulkarm Checkpoints
6:35 (5:35 Palestine time zone)
At the workmen's passage area in Qalqiliya, about 25 people are waiting.
The entrance to Azun is open.
On the way, on the road we see a military jeep.The soldiers are talking to passangers of a cab, standing near it.
We could not stop.
8:50-9:20 Anabta Checkpoint:
Vehicles are crossing without inspection.
9:40- 9:53 A-ras
Vehicles arriving from Qalqiliya are not
inspected. From the direction of Tulkarm a queue of 6 vehicles. Each
vehicle is inspected slowly  by one soldier. Checking ID of all
passengers, occasionally opening the car boot. If there had been more
vehicles the waiting time would have been very long indeed.
10:15 Qalqiliya Checkpoint
Only one lane is active, despite the fact
that entering vehicles are not inspected. 8 vehicles are waiting at the
exit. After a short while a second lane is opened and there is a random
inspection of some of the exiting cars.