'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Mon 15.9.08, Afternoon

Bilha A. Yonah A. Natanya translating.

Checkpoints of Tulkarm, Jubara, A-Ras, Anabta, Monday afternoon, 15.9.2008. E.

A-Ras, 13.50.

The locked gate at Jubara was opened without delay. 
Much traffic  at the checkpoint of gate 753 (the Children's Gate).  3
soldiers check the IDs of pedestrians on their way home to the village.
A donkey car which was empty and going towards the east and a car with
Israeli plates passed to the west. One of the occupants of the Israeli
car came to speak to us. She spoke to us in English and said that she
was a reporter. They have a permit only for the Palestinian roads but
they wanted to get to the lone house which is on the patrol road and is
only for the army and the occupants of the house. We see the house a
few hundred metres away but the soldiers will not let them through and
we have no way of helping them.

soldiers at A-Ras stand in the shade of the sentry tower. They tell us
"You have already been here today" when we get out of the car. We tell
them that there are two shifts and they want to speak to us. They have
not been relieved even though they have been on duty since the morning.
They sign to the passing cars to go on their way and do not check. They
are surprised that we protest against the checkpoint and tell us
proudly that they protect us. "Have you not heard that today we caught
a wanted man here? We reported this to the secret service. They came
and took him away. You must surely believe in the secret services." We
explained something of our opposition to the checkpoints to them and
went on our way to Anabta.

The morning shift of Ronnie Shalit at the checkpoints of Tulkarm 15.9.2008 reports "the wanted man."

large truck loaden with bags of fodder arrives from the direction of
Tulkarm and comes too near the checkpoint and his documents are checked
by the soldiers. The truck stands on the side and the driver gets out.
The checking lengthens and the driver is sitting in the sun. We ask
that he be moved to the shade and nothing happens. The commander speaks
to the driver with the help of a booklet. We phone the centre and ask
them to check. 50 minutes later we ask the commander what is happening
and he says that the secret service wants the man and are coming to
take him and his truck. (There is also another man in the truck but he
seems to be clean). We decide again to phone the centre but before we
can do so suddenly the driver, his helper and the truck are sent on
their way. "

At the southern checkpoint is one soldier and 3 at the north. Cars in
both directions pass without delays. Now and again the soldiers ask the
cars to slow down. They ask where they are from and let them go on.
Many cars with Israelis number plates go in both directions.

The commander comes to shake hands with us.