Beit Iba, Tue 9.9.08, Afternoon

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Amit Y. Yael S. (reporting); (Natanya translating)

14.55. Here it is really 13.55 . A new car is carefully checked and so 10 cars wait to enter Nablus. In the meantime the soldiers open another checking area. 6 cars at the exit. No detaineesinfo-icon. The lines are not long and there are about 10 people in the shed.  Surprise! People entering Nablus without being checked.

Amit speaks to Tomer of the DCO and it seems that there are alleviations because of the fast. Cars entering villages are not checked. Israeli cars enter without being checked. The checkpoint is open till 12 at night and not 11 as it usually is. The dog trainer is not present. A Palestinian asks us to come modestly dressed during Ramadan with our arms covered.

15.40 the pressure increases and there are 30 people in the shed who wait about 5 minutes. The humanitarian line passes with no checking. Sometimes extra lanes are open for cars and so there are no delays. Tomer helps to send the cars through by checking himself. We leave at 16.00.